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"Hum" Purification Meditation Empowerment

"Hum" Purification Meditation Empowerment



"Hum" Purification Meditation is meditation technique of buddhism that purposes to purify all karmas which have create blockages in all our past. The blockages have disturbing the energy of live circulation. This cause "a fool", "unknown", "poverty", "disease and illness", "under pressure life", etc. This is wonderful yoga meditation technique. With the powerful energy that connected with the vibration of "HUM" while we mumble, it brings us a pure and clear mind. When we can integrated with "HUM", the union with "HUM" is occurs. We can use it to liberate our life from karmas and traumas. Mastering this simple technique of meditation cause you to be able to use the energy to heal, prosperity, good lucky, good relationship, liberate from negative karma and finally you can achieve The Highest Consciousness.

You may achieve any benefits such as:

- Liberation of karma and trauma

- Wisdom of Universe

- Fearlessness, Happiness and Peacefulness are occurs

- Will and desires are accommodate

- Healthy and Prosperity living