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Shamanic Energy Treatments

Energy work is one of the primary ways in which modern shamans help people fix issues. This may manifest as reiki or other healing energies, but it may also come through in the form of other treatments. For instance, I offer treatments with various energies to which I am attuned. Additionally, shamans can use the essence of plants, stones, and animals to help balance things out. There are really no limits to this form of treatment, as long as your worker is sufficiently skilled. It is my personal preference to use established Attunements for this, as it is a very defined energy, but this is by far not the only method that works. The question is, what is it that needs to be balanced for you? This determines the best type of energy. You may need healing, in which case a reiki session may be the thing for you. You might want to open up to your psychic abilities, so you may need Mata Jagad or Aji Pamungkas Diri. Or you may want to be more courageous, so the energy of the Lion may be most appropriate. Whatever the case may be, talk to your shaman, tell them the situation, and they will help you find the ideal treatment for you.

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