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The Benefit of Attunements

One of the most common questions I get, especially by other practitioners, is, why Attunements? Especially those that know my background, it makes them curious to see my support of Attunements when I came up in a more traditional, ritualistic background. The answer is really quite simple- Attunements capture the same energy as ritual, but without all the clunky tools to carry around. They make it easier to do my work whenever and wherever necessary. And it means I can have a hundred different powers working to my benefit without wearing a suit made of talismans. They are the pinnacle in mystical efficiency, though there is a drawback. You've got to do the work to make them work, or else they're just a waste of time. Fortunately, most Attunements are very easy to make work for you, so if you can handle some intense work for a short time, the long term payoff is well worth it.

I also get asked, will Attunements work even if I don't sense them? Yes, absolutely! In fact, they will help you open those senses if need be. But like talismans, even if you aren't consciously aware of their energetic flow at all times, your Attunements are still working on your behalf.

One of my personal favorite benefits, though, is that they are instantaneous. If I purchase an attunement, I only have to wait long enough for my initiator to see my order and send the energy to me. The same for when I sell them, as soon as I see the order I can generally stop what I'm doing right there and prepare the energy for you. There are no shipping times, no chance of getting lost in the mail, and no chance that they will be intercepted by outside parties. Bottom line, Attunements are one of my favorite sorcerous methods to employ, but just because I like them doesn't mean you have to. If you're curious about whether you should try an Attunement, check out the free Attunements page, or shoot me an email and we can see what is a good fit for you.

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