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What is a Sadhana?

Simply put, a Sadhana is a ritual. It can be any ritual, whether it is the lighting of a candle every day or a recitation of mantras or anything else. There are many established Orthodox Sadhanas, such as the Shava Sadhana or Yakshini Sadhanas, but it does not have to be something declared by scriptures. As long as it is a repeated ritual, it is a Sadhana, and the repetition builds great power. This is why I offer to you all Sadhana rituals: I have already generated a great deal of power through mantra sadhana, so you benefit not just from the mantras done on your behalf, but from all the mantras I have repeated over the years. That momentum I have been building becomes a boulder which plows through anything that holds you back. All you have to do is give it a shot.

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