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What is Multiversal Healing?

In my lineage of shamanism, we reach that there are 13 dimensions, as well as 9 realms. The difference being, the 9 realms are lower realms through which we all must pass in order to achieve enlightenment. Shamans are trained to journey through these realms, and then may choose to return here to help others once they have completed their travels, or to ascend on beyond them. The 13 dimensions are more like parallel lives, though, and this is the focus of Multiversal Healing. You see, we all have between 5 and 13 parallel lives, and what happens in one affects the others, whether we realize it or not. Most healers do not pay attention to this parallel existence and so will only treat what happens in this one. This rarely touches the root of the problem, instead dealing only with the symptoms. However, I have been trained in the arts of journeying through the dimensions to heal problems there. So if you have issues that have not been solved through other methods, maybe it's time to consider healing your parallel selves as well

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