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Conditions of Service

1) First and foremost, we at The Dragon Shaman are legally mandated to remind you that everything on our site is to be considered for entertainment purposes only. Nothing here is meant to diagnose or treat a medical condition, and if you have a serious medical condition, we urge you to contact your doctor immediately. None of our services or product are meant to serve as legal advice. In this same vein, remember, when shopping here, you are paying for a product or a service, not an end result. As such, we offer no refunds on services rendered or products purchased. We only guarantee that we will perform the work requested, and provide you support to the best of our ability up to the capacity that we deem fit. Magick has no guarantees, and therefore we cannot give a 100% guarantee on your results. Sometimes, things simply don't go as planned, and this is an unfortunate truth. Descriptions provided on products and services are for their intended result and do not indicate a definite end result. We are not responsible for injury or injuries resulting from the use of our products or services. You must be 18 or older to purchase services or products from The Dragon Shaman.

2) Thanks to the wonder of modern technology, Naag Loki Shivanath does receive nearly all messages instantly. And in most circumstances, an instant reply can be had. While you contact us at any time Naag Loki Shivanath maintains office contact hours between 8PM EDT and 6PM EDT. These contact hours can and do vary with Naag's scheduling. If you don't hear from us immediately, we will respond within a day or two.

3) Here at The Dragon Shaman, we absolutely do not mind answering a question or two. We are happy to help. However, constant questions, particularly about the same subject, are not viable. If you need to discuss a topic that much, we do provide consultations for a fee. Similarly, we offer a retainer service, which is more than just an hour of assistance, that is constant assistance as long as we are kept on retainer. Please remember that our time is valuable, and when we do pro bono work, we do so out of the kindness of our hearts. Taking advantage of that kindness is not appreciated.

4) Concerning ritual work that is done, we have a set code of conduct concerning 'checking in' on work done. Once a ritual or working is completed, we may perform our own reading or examination into the case after the fact, and we may elect to share these results with you. We may ask you to update us after a set time at your discretion on the progress of your case. However, we will not constantly perform readings concerning this case. This violates the trust we place in our spirits to do their work, and often invalidates the spiritual contract with the spirit. If a reading is that important, however, we do offer divination services at a fee.

5) Concerning spirit communication, we may offer to communicate with a spirit on your behalf on occasion. However, our typical policy is not to communicate with beings outside of our own allies outside of paid reading methods. This is a taxing process, and time consuming besides.

6) Concerning free work, we have a few free services that will be given out upon request. And we are understanding people, in the case of financial burden we have a number of options, from payment plans, to donation based work, to simply free work. However, we do not appreciate having free work demanded of us, and we will not work for you if you do this. When we do a free service for you it is imperative that you understand the limits of that free work. We are providing a service at cost to us. That cost may be in time, mental, physical, or metaphysical resources that are not recouped in capacity during that service. If we are providing a free service the limits of that service must be respected then.

7) Concerning layaway and payment plans, we offer payment plans on practically any order you may have in the shop. Simply contact us and let us know. However, we typically request 15% up front to hold the order, and the order needs to be paid off within 3 months, otherwise we reserve the right to keep your payments without refund. However, things we have already discounted for our sale section, and package deals, are exempt from layaway. We already have these items discounted, and we offer coupon codes, to make them more affordable for you. All items on layaway must be paid off at their full, non discounted price. In a similar manner, expired coupons are expired. They are gifts, not rights, and should one reach its expiration date before it can be used, we will not be held responsible for replacing it.

8) Occasionally we will bend our own rules in instances of financial burden, customer loyalty, and so on. The Dragon Shaman and his associates hold the rights to modify these rules on a case by case basis at our discretion.

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