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Shamanic Apprenticeship in the Kapalika Aghora Path

Apprenticeship in the Kapalika Aghora Path is a very powerful experience. I have written on this before in these two articles, and you should read them first: and

Tibetan Kapalika Aghori Apprenticeships are powerful, life-changing processes. Over the 8 years that you work with me, you will learn powers to heal, kill, create, destroy, and the pathway to gaining various other siddhis. We devote ourselves fully to Mahakali, her consort Mahakala, and their various forms. 


Here is how the process works: when you contact me, we will discuss your desire to apprentice as an Aghori. I will answer your questions and ask some of my own. Once we thoroughly discuss the matter, if you are still interested, you will be given one final test, and divination will be performed. If divination shows favorably towards you, and you pass your test, you will be supplied with the information needed to initiate and you will give your first guru dakshina, your first donation. This donation may be in the form of money, as discussed in the posts linked above, or it may be in the form of other things, to be discussed between us. 


After initiation, you will then begin studying the foundational courses, as well as being given hundreds of other empowerments to work with. Due to the nature of this, you do not get to decide afterwards to back out. The initiation vow is one that is binding in this world and the next, as explained in the post. 


Apprentices are expected to work physically with me at least once before the end of their Apprenticeship when possible. That can either be here in my home and temple, or it can with you in yours or somewhere else. Sometimes that is not always possible, but we do the best that we can. If you are in another country, and money is an issue, then that may not happen at all.


The commitments of apprenticeship are also laid out in that post, but for clarity, I will lay them out again here: 


Your commitment:

To communicate with me and let me know how you are doing so that I can guide you (I won't run you down- it is the duty of the apprentice to communicate with the master)

To give guru dakshina in the manner discussed before initiation

To devote yourself to Mahakali and work with the powers given to you to the best of your ability


My commitment: 

To provide you with the highest caliber of instruction possible

To guide you in your spiritual practice and teach you to be self sufficient

To protect you from the spiritual forces that would prey upon you until you are able to protect yourself


Fulfilling your apprenticeship is the fastest way to reach enlightenment, as this path can teach you to become enlightened in a single lifetime. To do so, however, the goddess brings all of your karma to bear during the 8 years you study with me. By working with her and I, however, you will be able to handle it as we will help you mitigate the more severe consequences. That said, if you violate the commitments of the apprenticeship, you will no longer have my protection as your guru, nor hers, as you broke your vows, but you will still have to face all of your karma. So think carefully on whether or not this is the path for you, and if you believe that you can keep your commitments, then fill out the contact form below and let's talk about it. And, if you want to experience our energies before considering applying for Apprenticeship, get these free Empowerments and try them out:

Thanks for submitting!

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