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Kali Naga Shamanism and Apprenticeship

More words from Prajna Shiva Kalidasa concerning our branch of Tantric Shamanism, and some words on the Apprenticeship Process:

There are thirteen dimensions around the earth, and nine realms of the Underworld. Each dimension and realm has it's Guardians and characteristics, and this is especially true of the nine realms of the Underworld. Each realm of the Underworld is governed and protected by the Nagas (male Dragon/Serpent spirits), and the Naginis or Nagkanjas (the daughters of the Nagas. Just as Goddess Mahakali has her son Mahakala as her Divine Consort, so do the Naginis serve as the Divine Consorts of their fathers the Nagas. This understanding was brought to Europe during the Indo-European tribal migrations, and gave rise to their belief in the Goddess and the Green Man.

In Kali Naga Shamanism we work with the thirteen dimensions and the nine realms, and the spirits, devas, goddesses and gods that dwell within them, and with Mahakali (the Goddess of the Shamans), Mahakala (known by the Hindus as Shiva and the Chinese as Kwan Yin), and their son Ganesha (the first Shaman). We also work with Phurbas (ritual daggers with three-sided blades), Khatvangas, Trishuls, Devil Annihilation Swords, Ghaus and various other ritual tools which help us focus our energies to achieve the desired outcome of our rituals. In doing so, we recognize that all of Creation is actually One Spirit, and that we are a part of it. Therefore, when we see something as "evil" in the world then we destroy it in the world by destroying it within ourselves.

How Apprenticeships Work:

You make a commitment to work with me for eight years, and commit to pay a certain amount in donations each month. The best way to do that is to pray for guidance from Mahakali, and decide what this level of training and attunement is worth to you. There will be no written contracts between us. You tell me what you have decided to donate, and why you made that decision. I will pray about it, and then we will finish the deal. Sometimes you may need to pay less, due to the economy or your employment situation, and you are always welcome to pay more.

What you will receive in return will be all of the attunements, empowerments, activations and intitiations shown on this website as well as hundreds more. Most of the others will never be on this website as they are very powerful, and are reserved only for Apprentices. You will also recive spiritual covering and protection, help transmuting negative karma, guidance in learning your way around the spirit world, and help that is only an e-mail away. Since the hundreds of attunements are sent by e-mail, and since the energies sent out with them cannot be recovered, then there are no "trial" Apprenticeships.

You also have my commitment that if I am involved in a conversation with you then nothing short of a call from my wife will ever cause an interruption. And, I will always answer e-mails from Apprentices first before all others including clients who may be paying me more than you are. Apprentices are the future betterment of this world, and we have to keep our priorities straight.

When you commit to an Apprenticeship then you are tying into the energy of an ancient lineage, and so are bound by the ancient traditions as originally set by Mahakali well over 100,000 years ago. Keep your commitment and things will go very well for you. Betray your commitment it will not be so good. Essentially, there are only two ways for an Apprenticeship to end:

1. You do your work (attunements and frequent communication concerning what is happening in your life), make your donations, and get through the process having learned and grown along the way.

2. You don't keep your commitment, and get to face all of your negative karma at once so that you learn some very hard lessons very fast. It's an unpleasant way at best, but you still learn a lot of valuable lessons. It's just a lot rougher than the first way. But, either way is acceptable as either one will insure that you learn your lessons.

So, before you waste our time and reap the whirlwind in your life then you be dead certain that this is something that you really want to do.

Tibetan Kapalika Aghora Apprenticeship

NOTE: If you have not already read the Aghora Philosophy post then please do so before continuing on this page. Otherwise you will not be properly informed as to what is being offered here. (

If you are not in an Aghora Apprenticeship and are interested then I want you to know a bit about how it works. There was a basic three year Apprenticeship in Shamanism that you can read about on the Apprenticeship page here on our website, and that information is good for you even though that form of Apprenticeship is no longer available. But, you can choose to commit to a full eight year Aghora Apprenticeship, and dive deeply into every aspect of this tradition. We offer the same process for people pursuing Apprenticeship in Tibetan Sorcery, but that process still begins with a Kapalika Aghora Initiation so you may as well get it all rather than just limiting yourself to the Tibetan Sorcery.

There are 82 Dikshas presented during each eight year Kapalika Aghora Apprenticeship. The first Diksha is for pure Shaktipat, the gift of grace from Great Mother Kali bestowing Her pure and powerful Divine Feminine energy as a part of the Kapalika Aghora Initiation, and then the rest follow on the New Moon of every month there after. Some of them seem to be more for women, and others seem to be more men, but you will all receive them no matter what your sex may be as they are really all for everyone, and you cannot give them to others later on if you have not received them yourself. Most other spiritual paths only give some of them to each Apprentice, but we give them all. They are as follows:

1. Guru Diksha becoming a disciple through the first initiation.

2. Gyan Diksha to attain extraordinary knowledge and increase in brilliance.

3. Jeevan Marg Diksha to make the life lively.

4. Shambhavi Diksha to attain "Shivamaya" after receiving "Shivatava".

5. Chakra Jagran Diksha a Diksha to awaken all "Shata Chakras" (six chakras).

6. Vidya Diksha to transform an ordinary child into intelligent being.

7. Shishyabhishek Diksha complete surrender of oneself to become a perfect disciple.

8. Aacharyabhishek Diksha to attain the totality of knowledge.

9. Kundalini Jagran Diksha An extraordinary personality can be attained by this Diksha having seven stages.

10. Garbhastha Shishu Chaitanaya Diksha To enlighten an offspring in the womb.

11. Shaktipat Yukt Kundalini Jagran Diksha Transferring of Guru's Tapa-Energy into the disciple's body to attain the "Ultimate Truth" of the life.

12. Kundalini Jagran Diksha through a photograph Kundalini Jagran Diksha is attained on a photograph of a disciple.

13. Dhanvantri Diksha to attain the perfect state of health.

14. Sabar Diksha to get success in a Tantrik Sadhana.

15. Sammohan Diksha to acquire extraordinary attraction in the body.

16. Sampoorn Sammohan Diksha to acquire the art of attracting everyone.

17. Mahalakshmi Diksha to get the monetary benefits and attaining prosperity.

18. Kanakdhara Diksha a Diksha for incessant flow of money.

19. Ashta Lakshmi Diksha a special Diksha to get unusual opulence.

20. Kuber Diksha to attain the riches and prosperity permanently.

21. Indra Vaibhav Diksha to attain fame and wealth.

22. Shatru Samharak Diksha to overcome the enemies.

23. Apsara Diksha to Siddh (to control) an Apsara.

24. Rin Mukti Diksha to get rid of debts.

25. Shatopanthi Diksha to attain the extraordinary power of the Lord Shiva.

26. Chaitanaya Diksha a Diksha to invigorate and to attain full enlightenment.

27. Urvasi Diksha to attain youthfulness and get rid of aging.

28. Sondaryottama Diksha to increase the beauty.

29. Menaka Diksha to attain the physical success in life.

30. Swarnprabha Yakshini Diksha to get the unanticipated money.

31. Poorna Vaibhav Diksha to get all types of luxuries and wealth.

32. Gandharva Diksha to attain perfection in music.

33. Sadhana Diksha to link the previous birth Sadhana to this birth.

34. Tantra Diksha to get success in Tantrik Sadhanas.

35. Baglamukhi Diksha to overcome the enemies.

36. Raseshwari Diksha to attain perfection in chemistry and mercury science.

37. Aghor Diksha to get full success in Shiv Sadhanas.

38. Shighra Vivaha Diksha for early marriage.

39. Sammohan Diksha an important Diksha having three stages.

40. Veer Diksha to do the Veer Sadhana.

41. Sondarya Diksha to attain the rare beauty.

42. Jagdamba Siddhi Diksha to please the goddess Jagdamba.

43. Brahma Diksha to attain the divine powers.

44. Swasthaya Diksha to attain the disease free health.

45. Karna Pisachini Diksha to know the past and present of an individual.

46. Sarpa Diksha to get rid of snake bite and life security from it.

47. Navarna Diksha to siddha (control) the Tripower (Trishakti).

48. Garbhastha Shishu Kundalinin Jagran Diksha Offspring in a womb gets the samskars of a Superhuman.

49. Chaakshusmati Diksha to increase the eye vision.

50. Kaal Gyan Diksha to attain the knowledge of Time (Kaal).

51. Tara Yogini Diksha to get the unexpected money.

52. Rog Nivaran Diksha to get rid of all the diseases.

53. Poornatava Diksha a Diksha to attain the Totality in the life.

54. Vaayu Diksha to make oneself as light as air.

55. Kritya Diksha to attain the Siddhi (to control) to ruin somebody completely.

56. Bhoot Diksha a Diksha to control ghosts completely.

57. Aagya Chakra Jagran Diksha to attain the rare vision.

58. General Vaital Diksha to get control over Vaital.

59. Special Vaital Diksha to get control over Vaital completely.

60. Panchanguli Diksha to get perfection in the palmistry.

61. Anang Rati Diksha to attain beauty and youth power.

62. Krishanatava Guru Diksha to get the powers of the spiritual masters of the world.

63. Hairamb Diksha to please the Lord Ganapati.

64. Haadi-Kaadi Diksha to get control over sleep, hunger and thirst.

65. Aayurved Diksha to attain special distinction in the field of Aayurved.

66. Varahmihir Diksha to attain special distinction in the field of Astrology.

67. Tantrokta Guru Diksha to get the powers from the spiritual Master (guru).

68. Garbha Chayan Diksha to get the desired pregnancy.

69. Nikhileshwaranand Diksha to get special powers of Sanyasi.

70. Deerghaayu Diksha to get a big span of life.

71. Aakash gaman Diksha The soul travels in the sky by this Diksha.

72. Nirbeej Diksha to end the shackles of life, death and Karma.

73. Kriya Yog Diksha to attain the knowledge of Jeeva (soul) and Brahma.

74. Siddhashram Pravesh Diksha paves the way to enter into Siddhashram.

75. Sodash Apsara Diksha to get every type of comfort and wealth in the life.

76. Shodasi Diksha a diksha for attaining sixteen Kalas "Tripur Sundari " Sadhana.

77. Brahmanand Diksha to attain the knowledge of infinite secrets of the Universe.

78. Paashupaateya Diksha to fuse oneself with the Lord Shiva.

79. Kapila Yogini Diksha to get control over Kapila Yogini.

80. Ganapati Diksha to please the Lord Ganapati and getting their special blessings.

81. Vaagdevi Diksha to get the capacity to speak profoundly.

Apprenticeships are paid by donation. Most of my Apprentices donate around $100.00 USD per month per person. Some donate less, and a few rare exceptions donate more.

If you are interested, or you have questions, then visit the Contact page, and send me a message. I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

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