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Dragon Shaman Services Explained

I have received a lot of questions about the various Shamanic Services I offer, both old and new. And while the listing information does give a brief introduction to how it works, I wanted to make a post explaining things in a little more depth, and possibly introducing several services to those who might not have been keeping up with everything lately.

Shamanic Dice Divinations

"This listing draws upon three different types of dice divination to answer your questions, and will even occasionally draw upon a fourth tibetan mala divination if need be to gain clarification. First, I use the Tibetan Mo, which is an ancient form of Divination overseen by the god Manjushri to shed light on the areas of family, property and life; intentions and aims; friends and wealth; enemies; guests coming your way; illness and evil spirits; your spiritual practices; lost articles; will people or things come as expected, and will your planned task(s) be accomplished; however, it can also be used for any other questions. The second form of Divination I use draws upon the gods Agni, Indra, Varuna, and Yama to give the elemental influences over the situation and give guidance. Finally, the third divination is also one of elemental influences, but it is more general in nature and will shed light on whether or not a course of action is favorable, as well as what steps you should take. In conjunction, this triad of divination systems can be used to answer any questions and provide guidance for your future. Provide three precise questions with your order, and I will perform your Divination as soon as I can."

This is one of my preferred methods of Divination due to it's simplicity as well as it's depth. In fact, I carry the dice I need for these Divinations in my pocket at all times, just in case. And my mala is always around my neck in case I need clarification. The Tibetan Mo draws upon a number of spiritual alignments to produce 36 possible answers, while the Oracle draws upon the elemental kings to produce 64 possible answers. And the elemental Oracle also generates 64 answers. But why would I combine all three as one? Simply put, viewing questions from different angles reveals different things. I've had readings come up with two positive answers, but the third is negative, revealing a hidden danger that would not otherwise be evident. On the reverse, I have had two negative answers followed by a third positive one, revealing that though things may be bleak now, it was for a higher purpose. So essentially, you get 9 readings for this one listing, which means you're paying just over $6 per reading. A steal, if you ask me.

Daily Mantra Sadhana

"I will light incense and chant the Mahakali Mantra for you 108 times each day for 7 days as well as the 100 names of the Goddess. Some of the many wonderful things Mahakali does for us is cancel negative karma, destroy enemies, destroy negative entities, energies, and habits, fulfill our desires, remove ignorance from our lives, give us a state of Bliss while bringing us into the fullness of Enlightenment possible in a physical body, help us overcome the fear of death, makes us fearless but with good discretion, and brings us blessings, abundance and prosperity. Either you may share your desires with me so that I can keep them in mind during the ritual, or you may keep it secret. There is a saying in the Asaga medicine society that "The Temple of Silence is the place of power." Keeping it to yourself, and talking about what has been done with no one, can make the ritual far more powerful. The choice is yours. I will do the work for you either way, and leave it up to the Goddess to determine the highest good. The ritual takes approximately 45 minutes per day, and the work is usually done at midnight."

The power of a Sadhana comes from repetition, as does the power of a mantra. But what gives this Sadhana it's great advantage is, the mantra I use is one for which I have already obtained Siddhi. It is my personal Mahakali guru Mantra, and contains great power. So by using this mantra on your behalf, I am not just raising the power of 108 mantras daily, I am actually generating the power of hundreds of thousands of mantras from over the years of chanting. So while the mantra power Package packs a punch, even this Sadhana is a potent spiritual blessing.

Tibetan Prayer Flag Service

"By signing up for this service, you gain access to a powerful and continuous force for change in your life. I will hang a string of washed and consecrated prayer flags inscribed with sacred mantras, sigils, and prayers on your behalf, and every time the wind blows through them, these prayers will be carried off to the universe to be answered. And, even after the flags fall to the ground, the plants the grow from them will still carry those energies, allowing your prayers to continue to be heard for a very long time. Just have your requests ready when you order so we can get the consecration process started quickly!"

Another simple but powerful process, I love hanging these flags. They are beautiful, and with enough wind and enough flags, the sound they produce is absolutely hypnotic. But there is more to this service than just beauty. By writing the mantras for your desires across these flags, they are empowered to activate with every movement of the flag. And even a still day here will have them fluttering, so from the moment I hang your flags you are already benefiting. And as I say in the listing, even when the flags fall to the ground and mix with the earth, the plants that grow there still carry those mantras. In fact, in the past I have even fixed specific seeds to the flags if they were aligned to their primary purpose, so that the energy of the living plants added into the mantras. Ultimately, this is a great way to get a big bang for your buck.

Consecration and Empowerment Ritual

"Do you have an altar, ritual tool, sacred space, or other item/place that you would like to have blessed, consecrated, sealed, and empowered professionally? Look no further! This is now a service I gladly offer. Through the recitation of over 10,000 mantras and the offering of ghee, incense, and other gifts, I will build a charge over 10 days that will culminate with a personalized puja ceremony to supercharge your space or tool for your use. Just be prepared to provide a picture of the target item or space, and any special energies or intentions you want included in the consecration process, and I will handle the rest."

I was inspired to create this listing when an apprentice contacted me about providing a special empowerment for their altar and working tools. I sought the guidance of the goddess and she walked me through creating the Sadhana that would become this process. Essentially, this process pushes a snowball down the hill, slowly building size, speed, and momentum over the course of the Sadhana until the puja process at the end flings the snowball of energy your way, tying it into your chosen consecration target. It's a powerful blessing from the goddess, and I'm happy that she has shown me how to go about performing it.

Spirit Ally Empowerment Ritual

"Through the use of yantra, mantra, mudra, and offerings, I have found ways to provide a surge of strength to my coterie of allies on the other side of the veil. Today, I am extending that offering to you. This service comes in four levels, depending on how much you want to put into your keep. This ritual will work on spirits and Servitors alike, it does not matter. This surge is temporary, but it is like laying out a banquet of offerings all at once, so it will be a powerful and long-lasting boost."

I created this service because many of my friends, clients, and even colleagues have a host of spiritual allies they draw upon, as do I. Inspiration for this came to me fully, though, because I had a large request for my spiritual friends, so I set up a puja ritual on their behalf, and I empowered several of my more powerful yantras on their behalf. When I finished the entire process, the air instantly thickened around me and I knew my allies had grown far stronger. The boost did fade, but it gave them the power to do what I needed them to do. So, I want to extend this same gift to anyone who wants to boost their own host of friends! The primary differences between the levels are the number of mantras, the Prasada offerings given, and how many times the ritual is repeated. But regardless of the level you choose, I promise it's worth the investment.

Mantra Power Package

"I offer three different types of special mantra Empowerment Sadhanas, each with a different goal. Unlike my daily mantra Sadhana I also offer, which is more like a daily ritual service to aim for a goal, this is a far more powerful and more personal process, drawing upon more mantras in one hour than the other does in the entire week. Separately, each of these services cost $1,080, and all three would be $3,240, but if you want to purchase the package, you can have all three (done on separate weeks, though in any order you wish) for $2,500.

The Spiritual Healing and Empowerment Process

This process involves eight of your nights of chanting 108,000 mantras using the Aghor Mantra. It may not be night time where I am, but we prefer to do it when you will be resting and sleeping as the first seven days of the process are devoted to clearing blockages from one Chakra per day, beginning with the Root Chakra and working upward, and cleansing and strengthening them, and the eighth day is for sending a massive dose of Shaktipat energy to bring about full spiritual awakening and the beginning of the process of self-awareness leading you toward true Enlightenment. It is decidedly best that you not be involved in driving or operating any kind of machinery during this time!

This process does not guarantee that you will be fully enlightened when it is over. If you encounter something does offer such a guarantee then run away fast! Its a scam. No one can truly make that claim. But, this will certainly free up your energy to help you down that path. And, we will help you along the way once this part of the process is done. You will not be in it alone.

WARNING: If you are afraid of change in your life then do not do this program!

Negative Karma Reduction Program

This process involves chanting the Mahakali Left-Hand Path Mantra 108,000 times in eight days on your behalf. This mantra is also known as the Great Fifteen-Syllable Mantra, and is described as the best spiritual evolution mantra that is quick,powerful and unyielding. It destroys the negative ego, and provides rapid progress toward spiritual evolution and Enlightenment.

When this mantra is used specifically for the work of alleviating the effects of negative karma then it primarily helps with past life issues, and will work on present life issues for which you truly regret having brought about. However,if you are simply trying to use this to avoid punishment for something you have willfully done then it will not cover that for you. I recently provided this service for my Apprentices, and all but two of them were completely free of negative karma when it was over, but they have been actively working toward this goal for quite some time. How well it works for you will depend on your degree of dedication to your spiritual path.

The energy from this process will play out over a period of 13 moon cycles. As changes take place in the spirit world then that will make it possible to change circumstances in the physical world. And, there may be some seemingly negative upheaval in your life as destructive karmic relationships may end in many areas. But, it will be very much worth it in the end, and we will help you through it every step of the way.

Spiritual and Occult Power Program

This program does for you exactly what the title says: It opens you up to powerful energies that ramp up your ability to manifest and work with spiritual and occult powers through the use of 108,000 repetitions of a powerful Aghori Occult Mantra. In effect, this is a spiritual fast track and you need to be absolutely certain that you want it. Whether you are a novice or an adept, this will be no joy ride, but will be a year of intense energies and hard work as you adjust to the changes taking place within and around you.

I had to meditate and train for 8 years to receive the Mantra used in this process, and my teacher worked for 21 years before me to unlock it in the first place. Even after receiving diksha to it, I had my own Sadhana to complete to finish attaining mantra Siddhi to use it in this way. The energy is so strong that it occasionally caused me to have full body convulsions and made me feel like my head was about to explode. Others whom I included in my process felt intense energies as well.

Most of the work effecting change in your life will be well under way before the first year after the deed is done has passed, but you can expect it to continue for the rest of your life so be very certain that this is your desire before you make this purchase. Once it is begun there is no going back, and once the mantra chant is started then I will not stop until it has been accomplished except to sleep, have an occasional cup of water or tea, and to eat bowl of black rice out of a Kapala each evening after dark."

Think of this offering as a mantra Sadhana turned up to 100. More mantras chanted in one day of this service than in the entire Mantra Sadhana, this special service is designed to supercharge your reality with your chosen energy. There isn't much else to say that isn't already covered above, but just know that if we undergo this service once, you will likely make it a point to have this again and again just to feel the same rush.

Puja Ritual

"The Divine Puja service is a special sort of ritual in which the divine is worshipped by giving offerings to yantras and symbols which represent the specific aspects of divinity that you wish to have active, as well as chanting over 1,000 mantras on your behalf. By empowering these yantras, we can set this energy loose in your life. I offer a few different puja services, as listed below. Pujas may be repeated as often as you would like to further empower the energy on your behalf."

The central ritual of my work, divine puja is my time to connect to the goddess and her various aspects. I normally perform around 5 of these a month for myself, my apprentices, and my family: one every Tuesday and one on every new moon. However, this ritual is a bit different. This one is specially devoted to you and your needs, but it also connects to my other pujas to strengthen it even further. And the great thing about this is, a puja can be done for any purpose! All requests can be brought to the goddess, and she is faithful to hear them and work towards our greatest good in the situation.

Shamanic Energy Treatment Session

"If you want to experience the power and benefit of my Attunements without purchasing a full system, or simply have trouble feeling energy but need to be sure that you get the right treatment, then this is your listing. Purchase this, and then list exactly 1 of my attunement systems that you would like me to use on your behalf. I will spend an hour in meditation, treating your physical and subtle bodies with the energy of your chosen pattern. Think of it like a Reiki session, except that you get to choose the energy I use on you!"

This one came about due to many requests from friends and clients. They wanted to know how the energy felt before they got attuned, so I would give them treatments. Now, I offer this same service to you. Whether you want to test out the energy of a system or simply get a boost of a certain energy, you can. Whether you want to feel Agni Kamulyan Jagad, Bajra Suci, Cahaya Langit Pitu, or something more abstract like Drisana 4th Light, Ishana Vajra Shiva, or even a level of Kali Naga Sorcery, I will make it happen for you.

Rite of the Phurba- Shamanic Ritual

"This is one of my personal favorite rituals to perform, as the Dagger Priest training I have undergone is intimately tied to the essence of the Dragon with which I work. The Phurba Ritual is one of the most powerful spiritual undertakings in the world. With it, you can overcome all obstacles (In the pre-Hindu tradition, Ganesha is the son of Mahakali and Mahakala, and is the First Shaman who removes all obstacles, grounds us and gives us focus, and Mahakala is the Phurba), gain control over all of the things that seem beyond you, affect the weather worldwide, and destroy all evil. This is done by way of destroying and controlling those things within the Shaman as we have always known what so many in the West are only now remembering yet again: We are all One! By making changes within ourselves then we make changes "outside" of ourselves as well. This ritual can be turned to any purpose, but karma and the divine will play a large part in how this manifests, so keep that in mind if you are requesting this service. We will contact you to discuss your ritual after your order."

One of the most well known and powerful Shamanic rituals of the east, the rite of the Dorje Phurba, or Vajrakilaya, is the power to nail down and destroy obstacles. And realistically, all issues in life, whether they are related to love, money, health, or anything else, are simply obstacles to be overcome. That is what makes this ritual so useful to those shaman's who are trained in it's use: there is nothing we cannot do through the power of the phurba.

Spiritual Alliance Creation

"This special service is gift from the spirit allies I commune with in my work. After much discussion with my allies, we determined that many of the Empowerments we work with can be made stronger for our initiates. And the way we accomplish this is through spiritual alliance with the appropriate spirits. For instance, if you have Tiger Empowerments such as Inti Harimau, Macan Wulan, or Macan Wulung, you can make these powers work more effectively for you by forging an alliance with the great Tiger Spirit. If you work with Naga Digdaya, Naga Bajra, and so on, an alliance with the Great Dragon Spirit is in order. You get the idea- whatever Empowerments you want to make stronger, let me know, and we will forge an alliance to do exactly that on your behalf."

This service came about after I did these same alliances for myself. My order teaches a process for contacting, communing with, and ultimately forging alliances with new spiritual allies, and it is this same process I employ here on your behalf. All I really need is to know what you want to accomplish and who you want to ally with, and we can get you empowered to work with whatever energy and entity you wish!

Shamanic Soul Retrieval

"Soul Loss Events occur during periods of great trauma, loss, stress, or illness, as these things cause fractures in the soul. Essentially, you leave a piece of yourself with that moment, tying yourself forever to the past. This Common causes of soul loss arise from PTSD or abuse in any form: sexually, emotionally, physically, mentally, either suffered or self-inflicted. Sometimes when you have a near-death experience, it can result in soul loss. Rejection or broken-heartedness, acting against your moral beliefs or standards. You should also check the type of relationship you have with the people around you. If you always feel you have lost your right and power with the other person, then you are also suffering from soul loss. These are just some of the examples, among others. will help you free yourself from that past burden. This is NOT a substitute for therapy, but rather a tool that can work hand in hand with it, releasing you spiritually from your past ties while therapy helps to release you psychologically from them. During this session, I will utilize drums, rattles, and sacred herbs to dive deeply into the underworld, or to fly high into the overworld, depending on the guidance of my Guardian Animal and Upper Realm Teacher. We will seek out the event in question and release healing energy into this time in your life, working the soul fragment free and bringing it back to reintegrate. We will also recover any words of advice that come from your own guides, or from mine. If you know of a specific time from which you need healing, please share it with us. Otherwise, if you just want us to explore and see what comes through, we can do that too. If you're unsure, just drop us a line and we can discuss it! For an added fee, instead of going on this journey alone, we can schedule a time to meet via Zoom, Skype, or Google and perform a guided session, bringing you on the journey with us so that you may take an active role in your own healing and in reclaiming your power.

Some Symptoms of Soul Loss:

* A feeling of disconnection from yourself

* Having a feeling of disconnection from your loved ones

* Having a feeling of a missing part somewhere

* Depression

* A feeling of helplessness in situations, not knowing what to do

* Experiencing a “dark night of the soul”

Some Common Causes of Soul Loss

Common causes of soul loss arise from PTSD or abuse in any form: sexually, emotionally, physically, mentally, either suffered or self-inflicted. Sometimes a near-death experience can result in soul loss. Rejection or broken-heartedness, acting against your moral beliefs or standards. You should also check the type of relationship you have with the people around you. If you always feel you have lost your right and power with the other person, then you are also suffering from soul loss."

I used to offer this service years ago, and I stopped for a long time. The truth is, I had a client who was in a dark place, and we worked through many of these sessions together, most of them freely. And then, when I thought they were doing better, they had a rough patch and gave in to their desire to end it all. That left me in a dark place for a while, so I stopped offering this service so I could work with it for myself. But now, as I am diving more into my Shamanic calling, I am opening it to you again. Whether we work one on one in a live session, or I work remotely and report in, let me help you heal and become whole again.

If you have any questions on these or any of my other services, please do not hesitate to drop a comment or send me a message. I am always available to help.

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