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My Favorite Spirit Communication Method

So I get asked all the time what my favorite spirit communication technique is, and I decided I'd make a post on it. But first, my inspiration. 

I first ran across this technique in the works of Thomas Harris. Specifically, the legendary Silence of the Lambs Quartet. Dr. Hannibal Lecter used a mnemonic memory device to remember everything. This device was called the Genus Loci method, and was based on the idea that by walking through the memory of a place would help you remember things you place their intentionally. I was thrilled to discover that this technique worked and worked well.

Later, I learned a technique known as the astral temple, where wherein an astral temple was constructed, energized, and launched onto the astral plane for use during projection. But what really sent it home was the Wizard's Castle, a technique from J.H. Brennan. An internal, created space, neither wholly astral nor wholly memory, this place was perfect for spirit communication. 

How I did it was, in my castle, I found an empty room with a table and two chairs. I would go into this room, sit down, and on some scrap paper I would write the name of the being if I knew it, and the seal if I had it. I'd place it in front of the other chair and wait, and inevitably, eventually the spirit would arrive. Using this technique, I've had great success. I urge you all to try it, it will likely prove to be a life saver. 

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