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Shamanic Empowerment Apprenticeship

This apprenticeship option came about due to the number of people who sign up for the Kapalika Aghori Apprenticeship without fully understanding what they were signing up for, then dropping out and bringing Karmic Hell upon themselves. This allows you to get a taste of the work we do and then decide if this is for you, or if you are happy as a Shamanic Practitioner. If this path calls to you, then you will be able to step into a full Kapalika Apprenticeship. So, if you are unsure, then let's talk about this one.

This apprenticeship lasts for 1 year, during which you have direct access to me, the same as my Kapalika Apprentices. The priority order I give to correspondence is:

1. Family

2. My Guru and the Current Tibetan Dragon Mother

3. The next Tibetan Dragon Mother, my Spiritual Partner

4. Kapalika Apprentices

5. Shamanic Apprentices

6. Friends

7. Clients

8. Everyone else

What you get, aside from direct contact with me and access to my knowledge, is training in the Universal Shamanic Empowerments, Kali Naga Shamanic Empowerments, any other systems I am led to train you in (Including several Shamanic Empowerments), and, if you show enough dedication, we might move into Kali Naga Sorcery. You also receive the opportunity to transfer to a full Kapalika Apprenticeship without having to begin again if you decide you enjoy this path. 

Due to the nature of this commitment, however, I am forced to be a little inflexible when it comes to Dakshina. The fee for this level of training is $100 a month. I have some slight degree of flexibility, but not as much as I do with a full apprenticeship. This can also be paid in one sum of $1200, 2 sums of $600, or 4 sums of $300. But most people donate monthly, and this is perfectly acceptable.


The commitments of apprenticeship are similar to those of a Kapalika Aghori Apprenticeship, with a bit less pressure: 


Your commitment:

To communicate with me and let me know how you are doing so that I can guide you (I won't run you down- it is the duty of the apprentice to communicate with the master)

To give guru dakshina in the manner discussed before initiation


My commitment: 

To provide you with the highest caliber of instruction possible

To guide you in your spiritual practice and teach you to be self sufficient

To protect you from the spiritual forces that would prey upon you until you are able to protect yourself


This apprenticeship is less pressure than our full Aghori Apprenticeship, but it is still no walk in the park. By the time you have finished, you will have done the core Shamanic work of the Aghori. If that appeals to you, then fill out the contact form below and let's talk about it. And, if you want to experience our energies before considering applying for Apprenticeship, get these free Empowerments and try them out:

Thanks for submitting!

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