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My Working With Bune

Hello all! As many of you know, I am currently focusing a lot of my time on evocation and spirit work. And to that end, I thought I would do my first blog post here on this a little, as well as fulfilling my end of a bargain. I work with quite a few methods of evocation, ranging from highly ritualistic to deceptively simple, and I have had great success with all of them. There have been others I have tried, that didn't work out so well, and subsequently, are not a part of my repertoire.

Recently, I set out on a remarkably simple form of evocation, in order to create a contract with a spirit. Namely, the demon of the Goetia, Bune. Bune rules over a few things, namely promoting the Dead to demons under his command, granting wisdom, gives correct answers, and the primary purpose for my calling, granting wealth. He primarily comes as a three headed dragon, with the head of a dog, a man, and a dragon. But I digress.... About a week ago, I was getting desperate. Someone near and dear to my heart desperately needed a job, so I, being the Sorcerer that I am, offered my assistance. So I did my research, and determined that a Spirit Contract would be the best option. But because this working was of such gravity, I did not want to do this as I would do a regular contract, I wanted it to have some kick. I originally intended to cut his seal into my chest, and then press parchment against the carving to mirror the seal in blood. However, this proved... well, difficult. Instead, I drew the seal first in permanent marker. Then, as is my usual method, I drew blood, and mixed it with a base of dragons blood ink. I then used this with a raven's quill to trace over the seal on my chest. Taking up my razor again, I made several small cuts along the seal to mix the blood/ink mixture with fresh blood, and pressed the parchment against the seal. Once it was mirrored, I wrote out Bune's name, and my demands. Taking this parchment into my Temple, I performed an evocation of Bune. In the course of the ritual, we laid out our terms. Bune agreed to all my demands, with the request that once the work is done, his name is to be glorified for thirty days (....hence this very direct post....). When the deal was struck, and we had agreed to each other's terms, I took the parchment contract, placed it against my friend's resume, folded it all down, and used my seal and the wax from the ritual candles and sealed it shut. So I went back about my life and waited to receive word. Today, I was getting frustrated on having no results from this pact, and decided I was going to end it. I took the pact out to my Fire Cauldron, lit it aflame, and dropped it in. I was preparing a whole script of eloquent words for Bune for his failure, when my phone rang... they got a job. Literally as I was igniting the pact, they were hired. So I burnt my speech to Bune, and instead thanked him profusely. And now for my end! Bune works swiftly, skillfully, and is very forgiving. I recommend working with him (carefully, of course) towards goals similar to this. His seal is below:

If you wish to create a similar pact, or need advice with any other form of spirit work like this, please pick up a copy of the Spirit Work Primer today. It contains all the information you need to form a Pact of your own.

~Papa Hood

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