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Bhairavi Empowerment

Bhairavi Empowerment



Bhairavi (pronounced BAY-rah-vee) is said to be etymologically derived from three groups of letters, with precise semantics: bha symbolizes the act of preservation, in the sense of continuity, ra signifies ramana, the creative divine activity and va coming from vamana, referring to the relaxation, or ceasing a certain activity.

The name Bhairavi means “terror” or “awe-inspiring” Bhairavi is a fierce and terrifying aspect of the Goddess, practically interchangeable from Kali, except for her precise identification as the consort of the Bhairava. Bhairavi (also called Shubhamkari and also known as Baala or Tripura Bhairavi). As Shubhamkari, she is known as the “Good Mother to Good People and as the “Terrible Mother to Bad People”.

Bhairavi is invoked in prayers to destroy enemies. She is often pictured holding a book, a rosary and her hands are in blessings and abhaya mudrā .

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     Rosemary Noel