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Offerings to Loki

Offerings To Loki

After our amazing reception on the article about Loki we had some questions come in about offerings to Loki for those who would like to do so. To that end we have published this small article on “Offerings to Loki” that goes over a basic understanding of the core of Loki and how to choose offerings for him, provides some examples, and suggestions for offerings that are universal and good to keep in mind.

Loki is a unique God in terms of offerings and there are many opinions and views as to what makes a good offering to Loki. From a historical stand point there is no exact offering for Loki that is specific to him. Part of the reason of this was he was more a God to appease than worship for many. Still those who did worship Loki were of a certain mind frame recognizing the “sacred within the profane”

The Following is From "Norse Mythology for Smart People" a fantastic website for Norse Information

“The principle to which Loki corresponds, however, is the disregard for or hatred of the sacred as such. For Loki, the gods are “not to be worshiped, but ignored, to be overcome, or in the last analysis mocked.”[6] This perspective certainly had its adherents in the Viking Age, such as Glúmr in Víga-Glúms Saga (not to mention that this perspective has been enshrined as the norm by modern humanism). Why would such people, who place their trust solely in their own might, reverence a god who happens to share their anti-spiritual perspective?

Paradoxically, however, in order to affirm life as being inherently and unconditionally sacred, one must affirm even Loki and the principle to which he corresponds as being an embodiment of divinity in and of itself. One embodies Loki whenever one lives in a totally profane manner, without any reference to sacred models – hence Loki’s utter lack of any allegiances to the gods, giants, or anyone else.”

So what do you get for the God who wants nothing, or at the least sees the act of worship something to be mocked?

Well many people suggest in the modern age that he enjoys a good hard liquor. Candles are always a good offering especially one that has been blessed in devotion.


“As it is traditional in Norse rites to drink and libate alcoholic beverages in the name of our Gods, alcohol is a pretty typical offering to make. From my experience, He tends to like bad Whiskey (especially a brand named “Old Granddad” - I do not kid), cinnamon-flavored or other spicy liqueurs, spicy rums, or mulled wine.”

Now my thoughts on this actually offer a good reason on this. Bad Whiskey is a unique mix of profane and sacred. While alcohol is considered sacred to the Gods something like a low grade whiskey should be considered distasteful to them. However Loki gets a pleasure from this. In this respect we can break down offerings to Loki into three categories.

Profanely Sacred

The profanely sacred offering to Loki is one that is both sacred and profane in some way. Burning a copy of the Havamal or even better the Lokasenna would be good examples. Bad Whiskey would be good another good example. Charring snake as a meat and offering is a fine example as well considering the act of charring meat is a sacred offering but snake would be unfit, and specifically Loki like, thereby making the action both profane and sacred. Overly sweet or strong incenses would be good examples for this as well. The secrete here is to make the act both profane and sacred, or profanely sacred.

Specifically Inspired

The Berkana rune is tied to Loki and as such the Birch tree is good wood for a sacrifice. Anything inspired by the stories though could be of value in this. Some good examples would be “Golden Delicious Apples” to remember the story of Idun. Dragons Blood incense to commemorate Loki's son is another good option inspired by the stories. Further actions can be a great option, playing a trick in Loki's name is a fine offering. Composing a comedic poem in his honor is also another good offering. Offerings that are extreme also fall into this such as overly sweet cakes or candies. Wines that are surprisingly sweet, bitter, or sour are great options as well. Further extremely spicy foods are good offerings as well.

General Offerings

General offerings are offerings that are good for all beings and as such are good in a pinch for Loki. In the case of General Offerings for Norse Gods charring meat to ash is always a good option. Offerings of mead, foods, or a single dollar coin buried in their honor are likewise powerful options. Incense or candles are good general offerings as well, generally a red candle, or dragons blood incense. Loki prefers potently strong smells though so a stronger incense may be of use to you.

The Act of Offering

The act of offering works best when made in a respectful manner, with focus, proper energy raised, and intent directed into the offering before, during, and after the process. There are many ways to do this from sending focus and intent through directed energy work, creating an sphere of intent and putting it in the offering, or preparation of offering materials by hand in a time consuming manner. More over the more elaborate the offering ritual the more powerful the offering will be. Still if you are looking to be a devotee of Loki your best option is going to be offerings to him on a more daily basis. This both show your devotion and strengthen your connection to Loki.

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