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Pact Working: Pros and Cons

Spiritual pacts are a hot topic in the spiritual world. Some people say that they are absolutely necessary and that's all they do, some people say they are worthless. I fall somewhere in the middle. A lot of my initiations were spiritual alliances with different beings, and I highly advocate this form of work. But I don't do them frequently, aside from on behalf of clients. Why?

Pro: you're relying on spirits to do your work for you. Once you set the boundaries, they're free to work as long as you fulfill your commitment.

Pro: spirits often have great insight on the way things should be done, so letting them handle the work takes out a lot of guess work.

Con: there's a lack of personal involvement that leaves a lot of people feeling like they didn't do anything.

Con: Sometimes, the spirits take too long to work, and the magician gets angry and breaks their commitment.

Summary: if you are patient, and have faith, pact work is amazing. Especially if you're busy and need something handled by an outside party. But if you like to be directly involved, or don't want to risk taking too long, don't do a pact. There are exceptions to this rule of course, some spirits are 'hotter' than others and do work faster, but generally, even when a timeline is established, the spirits can be a bit slow.

If you'd like to discuss pacts more in depth, or book me to perform one for you, feel free to message me.

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