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Lions, Tigers, and Bears, oh my!

If you've been checking out my shop, you may have seen that many of my Attunements are sorted into categories like Dragon, Tiger, Lion, and so on. But what is the purpose of this?

These Empowerments come from Javanese magick, which is an extremely spiritual, very Shamanic sort of magick. They were obtained when Javanese shamans and priests made contact with various spirits of creatures and the elements and made alliances with them. These alliances granted extraordinary powers, which became these Attunements.

So essentially, by taking Attunements from, say, the Dragon Empowerments section, you are being empowered with this same alliance, meshing your energy with that of these powerful spirits. Whether you're drawn to the energy of the Lion, the Dragon, Thunder, or so on, there are options for you to dive into this energy.

I also have some other, more straightforward categories for these Empowerments, such as Love, Wealth, etc. Regardless, I have options for anyone. Stop in and shop today!

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