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From my most recent newsletter: I have ran this shop in one form or another for the last decade or so. It was started as a substitute for my main income, nothing more, but every year, the shop has grown, and with it, the stress, the headache, the nonsense. This year, I laid out my tax forms and saw that I made more from this than my main. Most would be ecstatic, I am not. Therefore, I have made a decision. I have a monetary goal set. When that goal is reached, this shop will come to an end. This goal is many months away, but I'm giving you a heads-up now. When the time comes, I'll direct you to my associates for continued service, and my informational articles will still be available. I will still be able to be contacted, though I will not be taking on work. I may provide initiations via donation, but that's about it. Other than that, I will take apprentices, teach, and maybe write, and I will still work with some long term clients with things like healing, finding jobs, etc. But I will no longer be open to the public. It's possible that I may contract out some of my talismans through other shops, but even that is very unlikely. Really, I'd rather focus on my family, my path, and my order. This may excite some of you, it may disappoint some of you, but it is what it is. I do look forward to continuing to serve you in the next few months, and in the unlikely event that you want to help me reach my goal faster and guarantee service, I'll allow you to make advanced payments to be held and used in the future, but as only a handful of people in the history of the shop have done so, I do not anticipate this happening. Instead, I look forward to being closed down well before Christmas this year, but not until summer has ended at least. Stay tuned for updates.

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