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Simple Love Drawing Ritual

It's been a hot minute since I dropped some information here, so I thought I'd share a rite that would resolve a lot of the issues that are brought to me- the Love Drawing Ritual. This ritual works on a combination of planetary and conjure methods for maximum effect, and can be used to draw someone who meets your needs. Fair warning- the more specific your list, the harder it will be. You can use this to try to draw a specific person, but I wouldn't hold your breath on it. In any event...

First, you'll need to prepare the ingredients for your bath. Get yourself a jar, and add 1/2 cup of red rose petals, 1/4 cup of violets, 1/4 cup of clover, 1/4 cup of crocus, 1/4 cup of elecampane, 1/4 cup of lemon verbena, and a tablespoon of cinnamon (or 3 cinnamon sticks, if you prefer a more aesthetic look). Shake your jar well, and keep it out of direct light while you prepare the next step.

Phase two is the preparation of the oil for the ritual. Using a half cup of almond oil as a base (or coconut oil, which I prefer for love formulas), add 3 drops of Palma Rosa oil, 5 drops of Ylang Ylang oil, 1 drop of ginger oil, 3 drops of jasmine oil, 2 drops of rosemary oil, 5 drops of patchouli oil, and 3 drops of vanilla oil. Shake well, and store out of heat or direct sunlight.

Phase three is the collection of the last few materials you need. You'll want to get seven green candles, a tube of red lipstick, some parchment paper, and a red pen or (preferably) green pen. You will also want to acquire either a sheet of green construction paper or a copper plate. Either way, you will want this medium to be cut into a heptagon (7 sided polygon). With a sharpie (or a Dremel if you're using the copper plate and have the skill), mark the symbol of Venus on one side and the planetary square of Venus on the other. You can also add other appropriate Venus imagery to your plate, but these two things are required. Google these things, because to try to describe them would take a lot of space and still not be clear enough. For best results, do this in the first hour of either day or night on a Friday when the moon is waxing, but this part isn't wholly necessary.

When you have done all of this, you can proceed with your ceremony. This is to be done on either the first or eighth hour of night on Friday during a waxing moon. Draw a bath for yourself and make sure the water temperature is comfortable. Then, either pour your bath jar contents into the water, or pour them into a pot of water and boil them like a tea, then pour that entire mixture into the bath. Either way, your herbs need to be steeping in the water while you perform the other part of the ceremony. (I also recommend placing a coffee filter over your drain beforehand- it will help with cleanup.) While your bath steeps, bring out your heptagon and place it on the counter or the floor. Take each of your candles, one at a time, and hold them with the wick facing away from you. Add a few drops of your oil to the candle and massage it onto the surface, starting at the wick and working back. Place each candle at a point of the heptagon as you finish them. When they are all dressed and placed, light them, and sit in meditation for a few moments, gazing at your heptagon. Then, take your parchment and your pen while you are still in a meditative state and write out the qualities you would want in your partner. It is best to do this in broad strokes rather than specifics for the aforementioned reason. When you are finished, fold the paper (always folding towards yourself) and place it on the heptagon. Then take your lipstick and draw a heart on the mirror, around the reflection of your face. Over the reflection of your face, draw the Venus symbol while focusing on the energy of Venus taking effect on your behalf. When this is done, soak in your bath while the candles burn. Wash yourself with the herbal water, all the while focusing on drawing love to you. When the candles are done, or when you feel sufficiently satisfied with the energy you've put out, allow the tub to drain and clean up your ritual items. Place your list under your pillow. Then, go to sleep. Often, the planetary spirits will relay messages in your sleep, so it is best to go directly to bed after such a working. Afterwards, keep your eyes open for whomever the spirits bring to you. You may repeat this ritual as often as you would like, or even just the bath after the initial ritual, to keep the energy strong.

A word on planetary hours- there are very complicated calculations for these, but the way I've always found the most success with is to take the time of sunrise as the beginning of the day hours and the time of sunset as the beginning of the night hours. So, in order to find the correct time, take the amount of time from sunrise to sunset and divide by 12 to give your day hours, and the time from sunset to sunrise to find your night hours. If, for instance, sunset is at 6:00 PM and sunrise is at 5 am, you have 11 hours, or 660 minutes, of night time. Divide by 12, this gives you 55 minutes per hour. So 6 pm to 6:55 is your first hour, 6:56 to 7:50 is your second, and so on.

Happy casting!

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