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Spirit Work and Direct Work

Since the release of the Second Edition of the Spirit Work Primer is imminent, it is a great time to answer some questions about the difference between what I refer to as Spirit Work and Direct Work.

To begin, the primary difference is that Spirit Work is work that relies on the invocation, evocation, or otherwise command of spirits. Goetia rituals, familiar spirits, and spirit keeping all fall under this sort of work. Direct Work, on the other hand, is work that may or may not involve the aid of spirits, but is generally built on work done by the magician themselves. This is work such as candle work, jar spells, and poppet magick.

Which is better? Neither! They are both powerful forms of magick. The real question is, which are you more suited to? And that depends on you. For instance, if you want to control every single aspect of the work and don't want to trust another being, direct work is for you. However, if you would rather outsource the work, as it were, then spirit work is more your thing. Similarly, if having a relationship with the other side is important, then spirit work is probably your calling, but if this doesn't matter, then direct work is better.

Which is easier? Again, neither. You may find a talent for one or the other when you get started, but ultimately, they are both about the same in terms of difficulty to learn. For me personally, direct work came easier to me, but I have developed a preference for spirit work over the years.

How do I tell which is better? Experiment! There are numerous simple ways to get your feet wet. With direct work, try a few spells. Ingredients are cheap, and you can find instructions all over the place. With spirit work, I'd say pick up my book and get started!

Can a reading show which is better? No, not really, and I include this because it is a common question. The thing is, unless you're dealing with specific traditions and which specific spirits you should work with in those traditions, readings can only give a general idea of the energy you can work with easier. Besides, you shouldn't let yourself be dictated by the cards or bones anyway. Your life is yours, it should be lived as such.

I think that covers the basics of it, but if you have questions, feel free to let me know, and I will answer them directly, and I might just include them in a Q&A newsletter in the future! If you're interested in preordering the Spirit Work Primer Second Edition, you may do so through my publisher or through Amazon:

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