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The Ethics of Manipulation Magick

One of the most common requests I see is love work, whether it is attracting someone specific or returning an ex. However, this is in truth nothing close to love. If you loved someone, would you seek to possess them against their will, or would you rather win them properly? I'd say the latter, simply because they're less likely to leave when the Magick wears off. However, that does not mean that magick still cannot be called upon. For instance, an invocation of Aphrodite can be done to touch you to get in touch with your inner beauty, and to make your outer beauty reflect that. Similarly, her cousin Flaunta may be invoked to help you gain confidence and project an aura of power that is inherently charming. Planetary spirits can be called upon to empower talismans to make you more alluring or to hide flaws that you don't wish a partner to notice at first. This is still a level of manipulation, true, but no more than wearing a nice shirt or a good cologne to a first date. This is my personal recommendation for love magick, as controlling work and other domination workings are more in line with trying to get a favorite toy rather than gain a partner. Of course, as with all magick, you still have to make movements in the mundane world. Send texts, make calls, go out, find a way to meet someone on whom your fascination magick can take effect, instead of sitting at home and waiting for them to knock on the door.

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