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What are Tensor Rings?

Essentially, a tensor ring is a copper wire twisted, cut, coiled, and connected in a certain way while holding intention to empower it with Etheric templates for maximum efficiency. There is plenty of information in the specifics online that I won't belabor here. Rather, I want to focus on specifically how they can benefit you.

Being limitless generators of a field of universal light energy, they work to cleanse and clear negativity and empower those within it's field. It's most prolific use is to restructure water to make it more pure and better for us. However, tensors have a number of benefits, generally speaking, as well as benefits specific to the different measures. I will dive into the benefits of measures as I make them available, but some of the more general benefits are:

Purifying and restructuring water

Constant healing where you need it most

Improving the quality of life energy in it's field, including for family members, pets, and houseplants

Better sleep

An active shield against negativity

Can be placed on showerheads to restructure and purify our water and ourselves while we clean ourselves

Reduces stress

Helps joint pain

Reduces pollution and improves air quality

Reduces harmful effects of 5g, WiFi, and emf fields

There are plenty of possibilities for tensor rings, but what is important to remember is, whatever they do, they do for the highest and best good. So there is no way to harm yourself or others through the use of the rings, and there is no way to use them so wrong that they end up reversing effects. No matter what, they always work to your highest and best good in accordance with the will of the universe. These marvelous tools will soon be rolling out in the shop, including classic measurements as well as special Shamanic tools revealed to me in meditation such as the wealth field generator, love field generator, and the shield generator. So if these sound like something you could use, keep watch on the shop!

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