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Technomancy is a relatively new magickal art born of chaos magick. It is the application of magick to technology, and while it has yet to really take off amongst traditionalists, it has its place in the less conventional occult communities. Some examples of technomancy include using programs and random number generators for divination, embedding sigils and spells into webpages, blogs, and emails, even using Skype for group rituals, or, as pictured here, psychic art generated by artificial intelligence (a personal favorite). The idea is that technology is not so different from energy: it flows, it moves, it changes, and it obeys our will. Therefore, applying energy to it is not so difficult. There are not so many books on the subject, but there are some, and there are plenty of blog posts. I recommend everyone have a look into it if you're into experimental magick, as it can yield some rather interesting results.

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