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Yearly Divinations

Every year, I like to do some sort of small divination to give me an idea of what to anticipate. It isn't always the same method, and it isn't always the same day, but it's always helpful. I thought I'd share this years divination, What energy can we expect in 2023? I used the Iching for this, and received the 56th hexagram, The Wanderer.

This hexagram heralds a time of changes, of movement, and of dynamic action. It tells us that perseverance is the way to success, and not to try to settle for less than our goals. We also have a mutating line at the bottom, which gives us our true danger: focusing on trivial things is what brings out disaster, when we really should be focusing on what is important. Another mutation in the fourth line tells of the importance of internal satisfaction rather than external satisfaction. It tells of a wandered being pleased with himself and this able to sleep anywhere, but even when he has property, he is still a wanderer and ill at ease. Finally, a mutation in the fifth line warns the wanderer to always be ready to adapt to the environment as need be. You never know what's coming, so it is wise to be ready for all things.

Ultimately, these mutations become a new hexagram, number 37: the Family. This tells us that if we can handle the dynamic nature of 2023's energy, we can find solidity and solace. It is important to keep pushing for our goals, to not settle, and to ignore trivial things. However, this solidity is only as good as your word, which means that if you reach this place of stability, but lose your focus and determination, you will also lose this stability.

Bear these thoughts in mind as we dive into 2023, and maybe they'll help you find your path.

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